Magnetically Shielded Laboratory

Contact person: RNDr. Ivan Škorvánek, CSc.,, IEP SAS

Location: Materials Science Building, Watsonova 47/A, Košice

Accomplishment of ultrasensitive magnetic and electromagnetic measurements, which require suppression of the parasitic external magnetic fields, as well as the Earth’s magnetic field, is possible in the magnetically shielded laboratory. Under standard urban conditions, service of the surrounding electrical facilities and even motion of the motor and electric vehicles produces undesirable magnetic noise with magnitude ranging between 1 – 103 nT, depending on the frequency and distance from the source. In this laboratory, development and study is focused on the soft magnetic materials with extremely low coercive field values or high magnetic permeability, respectively. Laboratory will serve for testing and calibration of the extremely sensitive magnetic sensors, used for detection of magnetic fields on the level of nT. Influence of the unwanted external magnetic fields and noises, as well as the Earth’s magnetic field during measurements and testing should be eliminated using the magnetically shielded experimental room/chamber.

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