Laboratory of Physical Chemistry

Contact person: Ing. Slavomír Hredzák, PhD.,, IGt SAS

Location: Materials Science Building, Watsonova 47/A, Košice

The Laboratory is focused on the research in the field of sorption technologies, i.e. preparation a testing of mineral sorbents. The research is aiming for preparing mineral sorbents of suitable sorption capacity applicable in in–situ remediation.
The preparation of (nano)sorbents based on oxides and oxyhydroxides of iron (magnetite, maghemite, goethite, akageneite, lepidocrocite), copper, silicate minerals groups, namely zeolites (clinoptilolite) and clays (montmorillonite, illite), carbonates (limestone – calcite, dolomite), active charcoal and other carbon-rich substances is performed. The testing of (nano)sorbents is realized using model solutions containing targeted heavy metals and also real water samples such as acid mine drainage, leachates from tailing pits of former mineral processing plants and other waste waters from industry.

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