Laboratory of PVD Technologies

Contact person: doc. RNDr. František Lofaj, DrSc.,, IMR SAS

Location: Main Building, Watsonova 47, Košice

The laboratory is designed for the research and development of novel PVD technologies for coating structural components and other substrates with hard and/or functional coatings based on single and/or multicomponent systems, including nanocomposite, multilayer and gradient coatings with the aim to increase the lifetime and reduce the friction of engineering components. The research activities are oriented toward the newest PVD techniques of magnetron sputtering, especially pulsed magnetron sputtering with extremely high peak power (HiPIMS) and recent High Target Utilization Sputtering (HiTUS) methods. These technologies result in considerably higher level of ionization of sputtered species and target material utilization, respectively, and better control of mechanical and tribological properties of the studied coatings.

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