Laboratory of Progressive Alloys

Contact person: Ing. Karel Saksl, DrSc.,, IMR SAS

Location: Main Building, Watsonova 47, Košice

Laboratórium je zamerané na prípravu kovových zliatin, rýchloochladených/amorfných
The laboratory is focused on the preparation of metal alloys, rapidly quenched / amorphous materials, metal and ceramic powders. Intention of the laboratory is focuse primarily on developement of new alloys basic research but also on requirements of industriam partners. It is used for:
a. preparation of metallic alloys of the desired chemical composition in the form of small ingots;
b. preparation of rapidly-quenched alloys in the form of thin ribbons or small ingots;
c. the preparation of powders by a high-energy milling process. In this way it is possible to prepare powdery materials as well as composite mixtures (such as metal oxides, nitrides, borides, etc.) with the desired powder size and homogeneity.

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