Laboratory of Mineral Biotechnologies

Contact person: MVDr. Daniel Kupka, PhD.,, IGt SAS

Location: Materials Science Building, Watsonova 47/A, Košice

The laboratory is engaged in the study of the role of biotic components in geochemical processes that take place in the upper part of the Earth’s geosphere. Commonly used techniques as well as demanding experiments in the field of molecular biology, extraction of (and manipulation with) nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), proteins and other organic substances are carried out in the laboratory. New discoveries in the field of geo-microbiology will provide a better understanding the function of microorganisms in geochemical processes, mineral transformation, mineral deposit formation and geological evolution of the Earth. Accordingly, the continuity and extension of the study of geo-microbiology in the field of material research is expected. The research will primarily focus on the genesis of natural materials, the formation of biogenic minerals, biological modification of synthetic materials for use in environmental protection, deterioration/protection of construction materials and health protection.

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