Laboratory of Micro – Nanoindentation

Contact person: RNDr. Pavol Hvizdoš, CSc.,, IMR SAS

Location: Main Building, Watsonova 47, Košice

The Laboratory of Micro-Nanoindentation and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) focuses on characterization of hardness, indentation module of elasticity of materials in dry conditions at room and elevated temperatures by means of instrumental indentation and nanoindentation. It allows to measure these mechanical properties at a load level from 1nN to 10N and in nano- and micro-metric dimensions. It is suitable for precise characterization of thin films, coatings, individual grains and phases in composite, gradient, homogeneous and inhomogeneous materials
The Laboratory also allows assessment of topography and functional surface characteristics of materials by atomic force microscopy (AFM) – metals, ceramics, polymers, coatings and thin films.
At the same time, the laboratory provides technical and advisory services, consultations and cooperation in the development of experimental methods for specific nanoindentation measurements and measurements of surface material quantities.

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